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Welcome to the Philadelphia Public School District website! Thank you for your interest in our district.
The Philadelphia Public School District is home to approximately 1,200 students. We have two schools: Philadelphia Elementary and Philadelphia High School.
The teachers, administrators, and support staff strive to promote a culture that values the academic and extracurricular achievement of all students. Student achievement is the highest priority in the district. We push our children to achieve their maximum potential; we expect them to behave properly; and we hold ourselves accountable for helping our students succeed.
Our school district is fortunate to have a community that values public education. The community supports the school district both financially and non-financially. Community members are interested in the academic instruction that occurs in the classroom; they attend our academic and sporting extra-curricular events; they work with our students and staff; and they push us to help all of our students succeed.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community, and particularly our parents, for working hand-in-hand with us to provide our students with the best education possible. With your continued support, our students can change the world – for the better.
In service to the youth of the Philadelphia Public School District,
Lisa Hull, Superintendent


Mission Statement

We will prepare each student to be a successful citizen in an ever-changing world.

P3 Campus anonymous tip reporting

P3 Campus technology was created specifically to serve as a forum for collaboration and accountability between school administrators, peace officers, and mental health professionals to ensure every student’s needs are met. It gives you the capability to be proactive rather than reactive to situations or behaviors within your school community.

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