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PHS’ Spencer attends STEM program

Philadelphia High School’s Zavien Spencer put in extra classroom hours for his AP Computer studies in a special statewide program earlier this summer.

Spencer was one of 200 students from 24 rural schools in Mississippi to attend the Global Teaching Project’s sixth annual Advanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Summer Preparatory Program at Mississippi State University.

Test prep helps increase Philadelphia ACT scores

Top achievers were recently recognized and include:

• Jahendrick Evans (Math +5 pts., Reading +5 pts., and Composite +3 pts.)

• Sandra Gray (Scored a 20 on first attempt)

• Alexander Menchion (Science +7 pts., English +1 pt., and Composite +3 pts.)

• Jar’Dan Sanders (Science +6 pts., Reading +4 pts., English +3 pts., and Composite +3 pts.)

• Journee Willis (Math +5 pts. and English +2 pts.)

City schools increase to ‘C’ rating

Dr. Shannon Whitehead, Superintendent of the Philadelphia Public School District, said she was proud to announce the district was “rated successful” with a “C” rating but is excited to get to work this year on ways to improve the school's accountability rating. Whitehead said that is up from a “D” rating received for the 2018-2019 school year.

Philadelphia students improve math skills

Every 7th-grade student in fourth-period math class at Philadelphia Middle School showed noticeable growth on their second round of benchmark testing at the end of the fall semester.
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