Employees of the Month

Philadelphia Public School District
Employee of the Month Program
The Philadelphia Public School District has many employees who work diligently each day to provide the very best service they can to the school district. It is important to recognize individuals who exhibit a commitment to the district’s core values, often going beyond the call of duty, to foster a positive environment for the boys and girls and the community we serve.
The purpose of the Employee of the Month Program is to honor employees who represent the vision and mission of the school district in their personal and professional lives.
§  Employees of the Month will be selected beginning January 2020.
§  Three groups of employees eligible for recognition each month: administrators, certified staff, and classified staff.
§  Staff, parents, students, and community members may nominate an individual for the Employee of the Month Program.
§  A Committee composed of the Superintendent and other school staff will evaluate all nomination forms received each month and make a selection.
§  Nominations must be received by the 3rd Wednesday of every month to be considered for the month. Forms received after the deadline will become nominations for the following month.
§  Links to the Nomination Forms are below. All nominations will be received in the Central Office though the electronic submission.
§  Employees of the Month will be announced each month.
Click on the underlined heading of the group to make a nomination.
Administrator of the Month – click here to complete the nomination form
       Administrators include Central Office Directors, Principals, and Assistant Principals
Certified Staff of the Month – click here to complete the nomination form
       Certified staff includes: Teachers, Counselors, Interventionists, Librarians, and Counselors
Classified Staff of the Month – click here to complete the nomination form
       Classified staff includes: Assistant Teachers, Bus Drivers, Central Office Business Staff, Child Nutrition Staff, Computer Technicians, Custodians, Maintenance Staff, Nurses, Secretaries, Office Staff, School Safety Officer, and School Resource Officer